Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Muse on Sabbatical

A couple of months ago, my muse left on a sabbatical to England by way of Idaho. She was getting bored with my new esoteric interests (Tarot card reading among them), and ran off to check out a couple of my favorite places while I studied.

I will be referring you regularly to my favorite poetic pub, dVerse Poets, which has fascinating poetry prompts and education on poetry forms every week.

And if you do have a bent toward the art of cartomancy or just think I might write about something interesting, I'll be expressing regularly on my learning process at these blog locations:

A Tarot Universe

A Lenormand Path

And I'll be keeping up with my inspirational stuff based on NASA images of our gorgeous cosmos with The Universe says.

My wandering muse will likely return when I'm done with my cartomantic learning curve, but you never know with muses. I'll leave the door unlocked for her...:)